Adobe Associates, Inc. Land Surveying Scholarship


ADOBE ASSOCIATES, INC. Scholarship Guidelines

November 12, 2009


On November 12, 2009 Adobe Associates Inc. determined to establish the Adobe Associates Inc. Scholarship fund (the Fund with the California Land Surveyors Association Education Foundation (the Foundation). The purpose of the Fund will be to finance a Scholarship, to be named the Adobe Associates, Inc. Land Surveying Scholarship (the Scholarship). All documentation produced by the Foundation or Adobe Associates, Inc. will reflect this name.


Adobe Associates, Inc. will make contributions from time to time to the Fund. The following will be the criteria for the Foundation to utilize in selecting scholarship recipients, and for Adobe Associates, Inc. to utilize in making recommendations to the Foundation.

The Scholarship will be awarded annually in the amount of $1,000, with matching funds to be added to the Scholarship by the Foundation. Adobe Associates, Inc. will review the scholarship every year and provide a recommendation for any changes in the amount of the award or selecting criteria. Any change will be provided to the Foundation in writing before September 15 for the changes to be in effect the same year. In the awarding of these scholarships, preference will be given to the Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa, California.


Qualified Applicants will be currently enrolled in a recognized California degree program in surveying/geomatics.

Qualified Candidate will have a minimum GPA of 2.5 for overall college classes.

Candidates will be selected by applying the following preferences as listed in order of importance: A student who has demonstrated a commitment to professional activities.

  • A student who has demonstrated an interest in working for a Sonoma County based surveying firm.
  • A student who has demonstrated an ability to maintain a strong GPA.
  • A student who has a demonstrated financial need.
  • A student member of the local chapter of the California Land Surveyor's Association in good standing.
  • A student member in good standing will be as defined in current Chapter Bylaws.
  • A current or former resident of Sonoma County.
  • A student who shows professionalism in the submittal of their scholarship application.

Qualified Applicant will complete a Foundation application in accordance with current Foundation guidelines and timeframe.


The management of Adobe Associates, Inc. shall have the privilege of making recommendations for selecting recipients of this scholarship. These recommendations shall not be legally enforceable. They shall be solely advisory, and the Foundation shall not be bound by them.

Adobe Associates, Inc. acknowledges and confirms that the Foundation owns the Fund and has ultimate control, authority and discretion with regard to amounts contributed to the Foundation for inclusion in the Fund and income derived from those funds. Charitable distributions from the Fund shall be made at such times, in such amounts, in such ways and for such purposes as the Foundation shall determine in its sole and independent discretion, within the scope of the charitable purposes set forth in these guidelines. There is no agreement written or oral, by which Adobe Associates, Inc. may cause the Foundation to make a particular distribution from the fund, or by which Adobe Associates, Inc. may direct the timing, amounts, or destination of distributions from the Fund.

Other Resources

The California Land Surveyors Association (CLSA) partners with other local organizations to offer a number of scholarships for aspiring Land Surveyors.

Another great resource to help students obtain Civil Engineering Degrees is Directory of Schools, a local company which has hundreds of accredited online schools and funds direct scholarship of $250.00 and $500.00 to students.

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