Sustainable Green Building Codes

Sustainable green building has become the standard practice in California. These building practices are aimed at energy savings, water efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and improved indoor environmental quality that reduce short term and long term impacts on the local environment.

Why Sustainable Green Development?

Responsible environmental stewardship allows future generations to enjoy the world without depleting energy and other significant world resources including air quality, water quality, while reducing noise impacts, minimizing or reusing waste and recycled building materials, conserving water uses, lowering heat absorption, and solar use implementations.

Integrating Sustainable Green Design

At Adobe Associates, we help private property owners, developers, architects and public agencies to create projects that integrate environmentally responsible design and implementation. Adobe is a green company and we extend those practices to every one of our projects.

Maximize Green Benefits

Proper design and construction techniques allow our clients to maximize the benefits to the local environment while potentially reducing long term operating costs. We have several LEED certified professionals on staff to offer assistance on feasibility, site design, techniques, and specific sustainable practices.

Save Time & Money with Sustainable Green Experts

Adobe is current on all applicable sustainable design laws, regulations and best practices and we can bring this expertise to your project. Our understanding how to implement sustainable design saves you valuable time and money on your project.

Our Sustainable Services include:

  • Water Quality and Quantity Analysis
  • Water Use and Re-Use
  • Creative Stormwater and Wastewater Re-Uses 
  • LEED Certification Point Documentation
  • Site Planning
  • Construction Materials Selection

From Weblog

June 28, 2017

The State of California released a new Industrial General Permit in July of 2015 (2014-0057-DWQ) that increased the types of industrial facilities that are required to obtain coverage as well as transitioned the reporting to be done electronically.  The Industrial General Permit regulates storm water and authorized non-storm water discharges for industrial facilities that fall under nine federally defined categories of industrial activities. 

These categories are:

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