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Land Surveyor Alert: Jack the Bull and his Entourage

Cows and Goats Cautiously Inspecting Survey Crew

Adobe Associates, Inc. Land Surveyors Maya Eoff and Sarah Gierok recently provided topographic mapping services for a Sonoma County property located in rural Western Petaluma. Data was collected for a proposed approved septic area, driveway, single family residence and future barn.

Site challenges: A bull named “Jack”, part of a mobile herd, and his entourage as shown below were curious but did not interfere with the land surveyor’s duties.

Services included: Record document research, field measurement collection, office calculations and data interpolation for a “Topographic Map” for the proposed improvements mentioned above. Mapping includes existing stuctures, trees of 8 inches diameter or greater, driplines, drainage course top of bank and flow line, utilities evidenced by site features, edge of pavement, grade breaks, fences and other significant features, but no cows, bulls, or goats.

Photo Credit: Sarah Gierok

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