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Septic Findings Report

A septic findings report – a crucial component of a real estate inspection or escrow inspection – is an assessment of your property’s existing septic system. This assessment is performed by reviewing the parcel’s septic permit history and doing a site visit. The site visit will include locating the existing system and reviewing the tanks and disposal field. It may also include running a load test to check the septic system’s functionality. Once the review has been completed, a findings report will be prepared which describes the status of the septic system and will be sent to our client and the County.

Adobe Associates’ wastewater department has decades of experience performing these assessments in Sonoma and Marin County which has led to a great working relationship with the Counties’ staff. If you are interested in learning more about this service, and the ways Adobe Associates can help, please contact our office, and ask for someone in the wastewater department.

*Napa County requires this assessment be performed by a licensed septic contractor.