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  • A Sunny Spring Survey

    “As a field surveyor, you go where the project takes you. Some days you are sent to the side of a road to get baked in the sun, and others you are sent to a sloppy job site to pound construction stakes in the mud. Every once in a while the clouds are perfectly white, the breeze is soft and…

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  • Sessi Family’s Stellar Donation

    This is a photo of David Brown – CFO and President – with one of…

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  • Sonoma’s Historic MacArthur Place gets an Update

    MacArthur Place Hotel and Spa is a project we are especially excited to be part…

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  • Update: Fire Rebuild in Sonoma County

    On June 21, 2018, Sonoma County Permit and Resource Management Department (PRMD) issued the first Certificate of Occupancy…

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  • Sonoma County Wildfires – 2017

    Sonoma County Wildfires – 2017 By Tim Schram | October 16, 2017 Dear Family, Friends,…

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  • Rows of Wine Grapes on a Hill

    State of California Industrial General Permit

    The State of California released a new Industrial General Permit in July of 2015 (2014-0057-DWQ)…

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  • Cows and Goats Cautiously Inspecting Survey Crew

    Land Surveyor Alert: Jack the Bull and his Entourage

    Adobe Associates, Inc. Land Surveyors Maya Eoff and Sarah Gierok recently provided topographic mapping services…

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