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County Line Retracement Survey for Sonoma and Napa County

Land Survey | Municipal | Location: J.T. Kingsbury 1877 Line in Sonoma and Napa County
Sonoma-Napa County Retracement Map

The Sonoma-Napa Line Retracement project was coordinated through the Sonoma County Surveyor’s Office and funded by the Sonoma County Monument Preservation Fund. Adobe Associates, Inc., under project Manager Paul M. Brown, Professional Land Surveyor, PLS, prepared the project definition and plan of execution, scope of services for the establishment of a network of GPS control monuments on California Coordinate Zone 2, and plan for coordination of 18 separate private land surveying firms for execution to re-construct the 1987 survey of the 52 mile county line between Sonoma and Napa Counties. We assisted and completed the process for engaging land surveyors in Sonoma County to retrace the Sonoma/Napa County Line.

The map was recorded June 15, 2010.

Adobe Associates, Inc. Land Surveying department provided the following services:

Notable Project Features:

The Sonoma County and Napa County Line project was recognized & honored by the Board of Supervisors of Sonoma County.