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Nick joined Adobe Associates’ wastewater & septic department in 2018. He previously worked in the corporate engineering department at California’s largest winery and as a staff wastewater engineer at a local engineering firm. He started at Adobe as a staff engineer, performing site visits, various fieldwork, drafting, and surveying. He has proven to be a talented and hardworking part of the team, earning a promotion from project engineer to project manager in the wastewater department. As a project manager, Nick collaborates with clients as well as state and local regulators to ensure project success.

Nick enjoys working with a diverse clientele and continues to foster the relationships Adobe Associates has with state and local government agencies. He appreciates the unique challenges that arise with the wastewater & septic projects he is involved in and says, “Project needs are constantly evolving, and our ability to adapt enables us to address each situation with an individualized approach that will ensure a successful outcome.”

Nick obtained his B.S. in Environmental Engineering from UC Merced in 2017. He is a current member of the ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) Younger Member Forum, where he has served as vice president. In 2020, Nick obtained his California Professional Engineer license (P.E.), solidifying his knowledge and expertise as a civil engineer.

Outside of work, Nick is an avid mountain biker, cornhole thrower, ping pong enthusiast, and fantasy baseball guru.