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Kessing Ranch

Residential | Location: Cotati, California
Kessing Ranch House Entrance 1

The Preserve at Kessing Ranch, a development of 47 homes in Cotati, is now fully constructed and ready for occupancy. Nestled on a hillside, the development boasts a mix of two-story and single-story ranch-style homes, all of which offer a variety of customization options. The community includes 40 market-rate units and 7 affordable housing units.

Over a third of the homes are equipped with pre-installed solar panels, while the rest are wired and prepared for future solar panel installation. The development has been built with sustainability in mind, incorporating low-impact development techniques, wetland protections, and stormwater treatment. Additionally, the historic Kessing home has been preserved and incorporated into a community park.

Adobe Associates, Inc. Civil Engineering and Land Surveying departments provided the following services: