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Devil Mountain Wholesale Nursery

Commercial | Location: Petaluma, California
Devil Mountain Wholesale Nursery Flowers

Devil Mountain Wholesale Nursery acquired a 26-acre property in Petaluma for their newest nursery location. Devil Mountain is a wholesale brokerage and grower of a wide variety of quality landscaping plants. They came to Adobe Associates for help because the area in Petaluma was relatively flat and had some significant challenges with drainage. The property had a large pasture that required re-grading to allow for proper stormwater drainage. In the past, this area frequently flooded during the rainy season. We were able to re-grade the landscape and eliminate the problem resulting in an area now suitable and perfect for their inventory of beautiful plants. Aside from the drainage challenges, it was discovered there were several violations from a previous owner that needed to be addressed. Adobe assisted with the federal and state permit processes and solved complicated zoning and planning issues which allowed the owners to focus on the business. Ultimately, the project was a success and Adobe was able to deliver a “quality work product”.

Adobe Associates, Inc. Civil Engineering, Wastewater, and Land Surveying departments provided the following services: